“Like Saul Leiter, whom I greatly admire, I think there is beauty in the ordinary” says Magescas. “I am particularly drawn to composition that captures a sense of abstraction, with multiple layers. When a second look at a photograph reveals more than what you first thought you saw.”

It’s clear from her photography that Magescas sees beauty in the ordinary and is drawn to formations that capture a sense of abstraction. To create her vision and to add gravitas to the purpose and feel of the works, she has stripped the images right down to create high contrasts and an over-exposed ambience, which reiterates the feeling of openness and minimalism that comes from the compositions. 

Three of Magescas’ works, including the Surge #1, on the walls of a stunning vacation home in Le Cap Ferret, France.

‘Interior Designer Maureen McDermott turns a Sag Harbor Wallflower into a stunning beauty. The living room “centerpiece” is a print by French Photographer Carine Magescas.’